Ville de Québec & its idyllic Surroundings

15. – 19.10.2019

Before reaching the city of Québec, I went on a hike in the next magnificent national park – Parque de Jacques-Cartier. It features a river and beautifully colored trees in Autumn. What an unforgettable day in the magnificent Canadian nature again!

Québec City is to me one of the loveliest, most beautiful cities I’ve seen in Canada so far. It has this very French atmosphere (well, also because its people speak French, I guess), the narrow cobblestone streets, the impressive buildings, and so much more. The most romantic street you can walk in at night is the Petit-Champlain with its little cafes and bars, and the colorful souvenir stores. What a nice little city to spend a couple of days in!

As lovely as the city itself are its people. I stayed with Hugo – one of the nicest Canadians I’ve ever met. He is an amazing host and even went to the cute little town of Baie-Saint-Paul and the nearby national park Charlevoix with me. We had a great time enjoying this hike together! Thank you, my dear new friend! 🙂

During my time in Québec, I also got two know two cool French guys who were spending their holidays in this region. They gave me a ride to Tadoussac and we had a blast spending the day there together. You have to go on a ferry in order to reach this little town and the river here is populated by whales! This is such a typically Canadian place with the infinite vastness of its landscapes and calm waters.

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