Yucatán – Ocean Time in a Caribbean Paradise

7. – 12. July 2019

At the Beach in Cancún

I arrived to Cancún in the afternoon, dropped my bags at Venado Hostel, chilled a bit, and then went out to discover that this place is very americanized with Walmarts, fast food-chains, and American bars everywhere. The next day, I checked out the beaches (the seaweed was not thaaat bad!) and got my first Mexican food.

A Variety of Mexican Dishes

In the morning, I met Asis – a Méxican traveler – and we took the ferry to Isla Mujeres. What a beautiful island with long white sandy beaches and turquoise water – we had a blast there! After having had a huge pizza for dinner, we went back to Cancún and took a bus to Playa del Carmen.

There, in Playa del Carmen, I had the privilege of living in a house with Asis and Mariana who are locals and the nicest Mexicans ever (You can thank me later for this compliment if you’re reading this! 😉 ). I was shown around town, especially 5th Avenue which is the main pedestrian road where tons of shops, bars, and clubs are located, and taken to restaurants to try all kinds of Mexican dishes.

One day, we got on the ferry to Cozumel, which is a very big island with clear waters due to the rocks and coral reefs surrounding it. The town of San Miguel where the ferry drops you, is also nice to just stroll around, have some ice cream, and enjoy your time. For beaches you’ll have to take a van to the other side of the island. Oh, and don’t forget to be back in time for sunset which you’ll have to watch at the Starbucks near the ferry terminal for an incredible view!

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