The Mayan Ruins of Tulum, Cobá & Chichén Itzá

12. – 16. July 2019

México is full of ancient ruins and it’s hard to decide which ones to visit. In the following, I will show three very different ones in Yucatán that are definitely worth stopping by.

From Playa del Carmen you can take a collective van to the ruins in Tulum. This ancient walled city perched on the edge of a cliff in Quintana Roo overlooking the Caribbean ocean is quite a sight. Definitely worth a visit when you’re in Yucatán! And beware the little reptiles and animals there! :-p In case you’d like to spend the night in the center of Tulum, check out Indajani Hostel that is kinda like a little oasis with pool and palm trees in the middle of town.

From Tulum there are hourly buses in the direction of Cobá where the next ruins are located. Because Coba doesn’t see as much tourism, you can actually still climb some of the structures for a totally different and unique perspective (Though I’ve heard that 2019 is supposed to be the last year for this). Furthermore, it isn’t as excavated as other sites, so you feel like you’re wandering through a forest, with many of the ruins still covered in trees.

Now holding the title as one of the new seven wonders of the world, Chichén Itzá was one of the largest Mayan cities in former times. And when we thought, we were already too late for a visit (it closes at 5pm), we got lucky and just had to pay half the entrance fee to get in and enjoy the views with almost no other visitors and without street vendors! What a great deal! Totally recommended!

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