Two roads diverged in a wood – and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. (R. Frost)

Over the last months I have …

Traveled from South to North America,
Sunbathed at the wonderful beaches in Uruguay,
Danced the night away at an open-air beach concert in Paraguay,
Seen the sun rise at the end of the world in Argentina,
Hiked some of the world‘s most beautiful treks in Patagonia,
Mountainbiked the Atacama desert in Chile,
Sambaed at the Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro,
Lived for days in the Colombian jungle,
Learned how to surf in Ecuador,
Swum with huge sea turtles in Peru,
Climbed my first peak with elevation greater than 6,000m in Bolivia,
Fished and barbecued piranhas in the Amazon rainforest,
Dived with sharks in the Caribbean waters of Belize,
Roasted marshmallows in the lava on a volcano in Guatemala,
Viewed the largest city of pre-Aztec central México from a hot air ballon,
Seen the stunning colors of the Indian Summer in Canada,
Partied all day long on a motor boat in Miami Beach, USA,
Had a glas (or more) of rum in Cuba.
Played soccer with the street kids in various slums in Africa.
And, above all, met the loveliest people from all around the world!

So whenever someone asks me “Of all the places you’ve been – which one was your favorite?”, I answer “None because every destination is a new experience. It’s incomparable because every place has another story and other people that shape it.”

Go explore the world! Travel, be strong, be brave, be adventurous, be proud of yourself…

Here’s to the next adventure!

I have kept my memories in a lot of photos – enjoy them! 🙂