Florianopolis & Ilha de Santa Catarina

2. – 4. Mar 2019

Having arrived at Florianopolis airport in the middle of the night, I took an Uber to my hostel Floripa Beach House. There, I just crashed on the bed awakening to a great breakfast in the morning where I got to know two great Brazilian guys with whom my friend Marc from Berlin and I went to the beach that day. We even mixed our own caipirinhas there. In the evening, we had a Brazilian BBQ called “Churrasco”. It was delicious – thanks Rodrigo! 🙂

The next morning, we got up early in order to enjoy the sunrise at the beach closeby. Afterwards I finally had some time to work on my blog during breakfast and have some phone calls in the hammock before we took an Uber to Florianopolis City. Having arrived there, Daniel, Marc, and I took a stroll through the city center passing by the market, the cathedral, and finally ending up on top of the hill with a great view over the city and the island. Now it was time to hurry back down and catch the night bus instead of getting too involved in one of the street parties during carnival time …

São Paulo – Brazil’s Largest City

5. – 6. Mar 2019

Having arrived early in the morning, we went to Hostel California, took a shower, and had some breakfast before roaming around the city. First stop was the so called “Batman”-street where lots of great street art could be admired. Then we went around Jardines, the pretties and richest neighborhood of São Paulo, in order to get to the park where a huge carnival party was going on… Furthermore, we visited the Museum of Modern Art to see the giant cat and admire the view over the city before visiting the MIS museum where a comic exhibition was going on at the moment. Having been surprised by a thunderstorm on the way back, we stayed at the hostel that night and took the bus to Rio in the morning. All in all, a nice stopover before experiencing the world’s most famous carnival festivities…

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

6. – 10. Mar 2019

Having arrived in Rio right at the start of a giant thunderstorm, we took an Uber to Santa Tere Hostel in Santa Teresa and later explored the neighborhood Lapa which is famous for its vibrant nightlife. The next day, we took part in a free walking tour in the city center including some historical background information. Afterwards, we explored the Olympic Boulevard and then hiked to Morro-hill in order to see the sunset from high above the city and to take the cable car up to the Sugarloaf Mountain where we had amazing views over all the lights in the city beneath.

The next morning, we switched the hostel to Aurora Hostel (Great hostel with cool people!) in order to also experience another neighborhood in Rio. From there, we went up to the Corcovado to see the Christ statue from up close before looking at it the next day from the other side of the city on one of the Two-Brother-Mountains where we met many cute monkeys on the way up from Vidigal favela. Afterwards, it was time to stroll along the amazing long, sandy beaches such as Ipanema and Copacabana. At Leme beach, a huge “bloco” (carnival street party) was taking place, making the sunset there an even more spectacular thing.

That night, it was finally time for Carnival in the Sambodrome! It was just an amazing experience and neither words nor photos can really describe it. It is a Once-in-a-lifetime-must-see! The people were dancing and singing on the stands while the six very best samba schools presented their shows in a parade that lasted until 6:30 am in the morning…

Without sleep, we only strolled through the Botanic Garden the next morning and then took a bus to the beaches north of Rio in order to have some time to relax after all these carnival parties …

Beach Time in Arraial du Cabo & Buzios

10. – 14. Mar 2019

In Arraial du Cabo, we stayed at Casarao Beach Hostel – it was ok but not the best one we’ve had and nobody was able to understand any English… Oh well, we were there to go snorkeling and that’s what we did the next day – while Marc took amazing pics with his underwater camera. Unfortunately, he had to leave soon after in order to get back to Germany.

Having stayed one more day in Arraial du Cabo, I took the bus to Buzios and checked-in at Bamboo Buzios Hostel right at the beach. Instantly, I got to know 3 guys with whom I hung out the evening for dinner and drinks and the whole next day. We rented a pink buggy and cruised around visiting four different beaches featuring high waves, turtles, pink sand, and a nice sunset. Another half a day at the beach later, I took the bus to the airport in Rio in order to fly to Salvador de Bahia.

Stopover in Salvador de Bahia

15. Mar 2019

Having arrived in Salvador, I took an Uber to Hostel Quintal da Sereia – for a stopover totally fine. Having taken a look at the beaches close by, I went to the city center. What a great afternoon full of shopping and strolling around through the amazing historical quarter with its colorful houses and colonial-style buildings. What a shame that I had to leave after one day – but hey: Colombia calling! 🙂