Valladolid & the Pink Lakes of Las Coloradas

15. – 17. July 2019

Valladolid is DEFINITELY worth a visit! The nicest town I’ve seen in Mexico so far. Hostel Casa Chauac Ha is ok but not the best – the dorms are way too cold (f***ing ACs), and of some people, valuables have been stolen out of the lockers! :-/ A great thing was that they have bicycles for free and thus, I rode my pink one around town, went to Cenote Zaki with it, and just enjoyed the way passing these colorful houses. Oh, and when you’re there, take the free walking tour in the evening at 7pm. It ends at the monastery where they show light projections each night at 9:25 pm. Definitely worth going!

The following day, I was picked up by friends from Germany (Wht a cool incident, that they were here on holidays at the same time!) with a rental car and we went up North to Rio Lagartos. What a nice, peaceful place with white shiny boats, swings, and cute cafés.

From this quite little paradise, we went on to the pink lakes called Las Coloradas – an incredible natural sight! Salty ocean water from the mangroves nearby floods onto hard flat salt plains, creating shallow lagoons. The sun then slowly evaporates this water, leaving fresh sea salt behind. The vibrant pink color of these lakes is due to red-colored algae, plankton, and shrimp that thrive in the salty environment. As the water evaporates, these organisms become more concentrated, glimmering pink in the bright sunlight. I guess, these pictures speak for themselves:

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