The City of Montréal & nearby Mont-Tremplant

11. – 14.10.2019

Next to the city of Montreal, there is the Oka National Park – most beautiful in autumn, when the leaves are colored yellow, orange, and red, and you can feel the cold, clear air all around. A wonderful day with other travelers!

Montréal is one of the biggest, most populous cities in Canada. A lot of people love it for its charm and wit but to me, it was not such a beautiful place on earth. It’s nice to be there for a few days in order to climb Mount Royal (That’s where the name Montréal originates from.), to promenade through the Old Quarter, and to take a look at the Old Port.

About 1 hour North of Montréal, one of the best known ski areas of all Quebec is located. Although, it was not Winter yet, we did have an awesome time in this little paradise on earth. One of the cutest little towns ever at the foot of a mountain which you can either hike up or take the cable car to the top where you find numerous hiking and walking trails.

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