The Historic Walled Town of Cuenca & El Cajas National Park

9. – 11. May 2019

Coming from the coast, I had decided to visit Cuenca – a gorgeous city in the higher Andes region. When I arrived there, it was raining – thus, I paid a visit to the Panama Hat Museum after lunch and was promptly discovered as a hat model by the owner himself. After a stroll to take a first glance at the city, I decided to stay in Hotel Wanderlust as the only guest at that time. In the morning, I got to know Débora from Portugal with whom I explored Cuenca the rest of the day. We took part in the free walking tour, stared in awe at the beautiful colonial houses and churches, ate lunch at the market where we met the cutest little girl named Samanta, strolled along the river, and visited the archeological museum surrounded by lamas and birds.

Early the next morning, I walked to the terminal in order to take the bus to El Cajas National Park. What a stunning landscape! 🙂 I did two hiking trails: one around the lagoon and and the other one up a mountain where I met some other people whom I completed the hike with before going back to Guayaquil…

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