Port City Guayaquil & the Fincas Around

11. – 19. May 2019

That’s the city of which most travelers say that it’s not worth going or staying because there is nothing to see or do and it’s too dangerous. Thus, most people just use it as their gateway to the Galapagos Islands. Actually, it is pretty nice there. There are various places to go to such as the Malecon 2000, a boardwalk near the harbor, and the Santa Ana hill with its colorful old houses and the cute little lighthouse from where you have an amazing view over the city, especially during sunset. Thank you, Fabrice for showing me that your (temporary) hometown is not that bad! 😉

And there is also the Historic Park in the rich neighborhood of Samborondon where you can walk through tropical forest, watch typical animals and birds from this region, and get to know colonial style houses and traditions. This park is really worth a visit – no matter if you like Guayaquil or not. 😉

Furthermore, Fabrice took me with him to work at two cocoa and banana farms where he monitors the processes and makes sure everything is conform with the certification. It was great to see these plants and get to know how they are processed – partly organic.

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