Along the Pacific Coast: the Ruta del Sol

30. Apr – 08. May 2019

At the Beach in Manta

Having arrived in Portoviejo with a German family who was so kind to take me with them to the coast, I was a bit stuck when having been told that the last bus to Puerto Lopez had been cancelled. Thus, I jumped on a bus to Manta without further ado and stayed in an apartment there for the night (Tu casa en Manta). The next day, I walked along the harbor and had a nice lunch at the beach before finally going to Puerto Lopez with a short stopover in Montecristi where the Panama hat had been invented a long time ago (A fool who thought it came from Panama! 😉 ).

Montecristi – the origin of the Panama Hat

Having arrived in Puerto Lopez, I decided spontaniously to stay one night in Fragata Hostal which offered me a great deal on a single room. I spent the evening strolling across the town and along the beach. In the morning, I got on a bus to Machalilla National Park where I hiked the 5 km to Los Frailes Beach – the most beautiful beach in the whole country. Having spent the afternoon there, an Ecuadorian couple on their honeymoon offered me a ride to my next destination: Las Tunas Beach. There, I stayed in a really nice hostel directly at the beach. Viejamar had everything one desires for some relaxed days – nice rooms, a swimming pool, palm trees, loads of hammocks, and a delicious breakfast. Chill mode on! 🙂

Having taken a look at the small surfer village Ayampe, I decided to go on to Montañita for the night. This one night led to maaaany more in the world’s best hostel Mamacucha where I met great people. The following days consisted of extreme hammocking, chilling in the social area, great food, surfing lessons, and stunning sunsets at the beach.

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