The Quilotoa Loop & the Cotopaxi Volcano

27. – 29. Apr 2019

Early in the morning, we arrived at the Quilotoa crater – a stunning view! We went all the way downhill to the lake and back up – competing with the horses – and then halfway around the crater in order to make it to Chugchilán for the night. On the way, we passed many stunning viewpoints, experienced sunshine, rain, and fog within just a couple of hours, and hiked through a stunning canyon. Finally having arrived at our destination, we stayed at El Vaquero where we were provided with hot tea, a nice room, delicious dinner and breakfast in between two long days of trekking. So the next day, we felt reinvigorated and went on – through canyons and across hills, over sticks and stones, along the river and across lawns and corn fields. Another 20+ km later, we arrived in Sigchos where we took the bus in direction of the Cotopaxi.

Near the Cotopaxi National Park, we stayed at Cuscungo Lodge where we were provided with a cozy chimney fire and hot tea before going to bed. The next morning, we went to the park without taking a tour and just went to the lagoon Limpiopungo with an Ecuadorian lady and her kids who gave us a ride. From there, we were able to take a walk in this incredible environment and take a look at the volcanoes Ruminahui and Cotopaxi whenever the clouds cleared a bit. Having been thinking about going up to the first glacier, we decided not to because of the thick fog up there. On the way back, we were lucky and bumped into a German family who gave us a ride back to Latacunga.

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