Tayrona National Park & the Hippie Town Palomino

06. – 08. Apr 2019

Having stayed at La Perla Tayrona (owned by Tom from Germany) for one night, we got up early in the morning in order to seize the day in Tayrona National Park. We walked from El Zaino entrance along the coast brimmed with lush green jungle, rough rock formations, and sandy beaches up to Cabo San Juan where we stayed for a swim and a sunbath before going back the same way.

The same night, we went to the small hippie town of Palomino and were dragged to La Iquanita Guesthouse where we got a great deal for the room and were treated very sweet by the ladies there. The next morning, we strolled along the beach and the river, took a look at the small hippie village, and then hopped on a bus Northwest.

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