La Guajira: Cabo de la Vela & Punta Gallinas

8. – 10. Apr 2019

To get to the Cape and the Northern most point in South America was not that easy… First, we took a bus to Riohacha and from there a van to Uribia where we had to take a 4-wheeler in order to make it to Cabo de la Vela. Here, we stayed overnight in a place organized by Juya Tours – wood sheds and hammocks directly at the beach. The next day, we relaxed there until afternoon and then did a tour to see the unrealistic landscapes of Cerro Pilon de Azucar and Ojo de Aqua before enjoying the sunset at the lighthouse.

The next day, we went further North to the area of Punta Gallinas, the Northern most point of South America, here we had several stops again: muddy lakes with pink and white flamingos, a lookout to unrealistic moon-like landscapes, the Taroa sand dunes where we took a swim, and the stone piles at the lighthouse. Having had a very relaxed lunchtime in a hammock, we undertook the journey back and made it just in time to our overnight bus from Riohacha to Bucaramanga, and from there, we took a smaller bus to San Gil.

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