5 Day Jungle Trek to the Lost City

02. – 06. Apr 2019

We decided to undertake the Lost City Trek with Expotur, one of the biggest companies for this kind of thing. They picked us up in the morning and at noon we were having lunch at the starting point of the trek. So each day we hiked about 10 km through the jungle along the river, were provided with fruity snacks, three very delicious meals per day, a bed at night, and some stories about the life of the indigenous people living in these lands. We also passed by some inhabited villages.

On the third day, we finally climbed up the 1,200 steps through the jungle to the entrance of Teyuna, the Lost City (“Ciudad Perdida”) which had been rediscovered in 1972. What an amazing view! It was just overwhelming to see some 200 terraces, piled roads and many circular plazas carved in the mountainside in the middle of the jungle. This city had been founded about 2,800 years ago and had been inhabited by the Tayronas. It is widely known as the Colombian Macchu Picchu.

On the fourth day, the others in our group left to go back to civilization but Anika and I decided to stay another night in the jungle. Thus, we got to keep our cook Diego and Samuel, one of the guides. These two more days were great: We went swimming in the river, did a detour to a waterfall, got delicious meals just for ourselves, and relaxed in the midst of all the jungle plants. After that, we were taken to our next hostel near the main entrance of Tayrona Park.

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