The Colonial Towns of Cienfuegos & Trinidad

21. – 26.11.2019

Also nicknamed “La Perla del Sur”, Cienfuegos is situated at the Southern coast of Cuba. There is no other place in the Caribbean which contains such a remarkable cluster of neoclassical structures. Other than these magnificent colonial buildings, a stroll along the malecón during sunset is a must-do. Oh, and don’t miss the main square in the city center!

Nearby the city of Cienfuegos, Playa Rancho Luna is worth a day trip in order to have a relaxig time at a very uncrowded beach.

Trinidad is famous for its colonial architecture and the cobblestone streets. As it is well preserved, tourism is the major income in this town and you meet many tour groups here. For me, walking around the city center for one day was enough. In the evening we bumped into some really cool other travelers, went for some mojitos, and to the famous cave disco.

On our second day in Trinidad, all of us decided to go on a bike tour together to the Valle de los Ingenios. This area was a center for sugar production in the 18th & 19th century. At its peak, there were over fifty sugar cane mills in operation here, with more than 30,000 slaves working on these plantations. And of course, we did taste some sugar cane juice! 🙂

In addition to its beautiful natural surroundings and colonial appearance, Trinidad is located by the sea with an excellent beach nearby: Playa Ancon. It is 4 km long, with white sand and green-blue water. And that’s where we enjoyed some Coco Loco and Mojito during sunset.

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