Exploring the Viñales Valley

18. – 20.11.2019

Viñales is a small town in the Western part of Cuba. It mostly consists of colorful one-story wooden houses with porches. Many of which are so called Casas Particulares – private residences that have been tailored and licensed to operate as bed and breakfasts. (My travelmate Darijusch and I stayed in these throughout the whole trip.) It is situated in an agricultural area, where crops of fruit, vegetables, coffee, and tobacco are still grown by traditional methods. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Botanical Garden in this town when you’re around!

The Viñales Valley has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999 and draws more and more tourists every year for its outstanding karst landscape and traditional agriculture as well as the unique architecture, crafts and music. There are many natural sights to be found such as caves or limestone cliffs. Those mountain formations are called mogotes and are only comparable to the landscapes in China and Malacca.

Nearby – about 3 hours by van – is one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole island located: Cayo Jutias. Especially when you walk to the right hand side, you will have the white sand and the clear blue waters all for yourself. What a paradise! 🙂

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