The Colonial Cities in the North of the Central Plateau

08. – 15.09.2019

Arriving at Léon was, well, a bit underwhelming. An industrial city with a mixture of architecture and culture, it is famous for its leather products, the soccer team and a white cathedral with a very peculiar style. And we did see some street dancers doing the so called “Danza de los Machetes” (= Dance of Knives). Although small and not very impressive, we did find a very nice breakfast spot that day and even got another delicious cheesecake! 🙂 But I don’t think this is a necessary place to visit when in Mexico…

Talking about disappointments – Aguascalientes was supposed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. To tell you the truth, the city is quite dirty, streets where not very pleasant to walk in and the city center, although nice, was not as impressive as one might think. The Government Palace on the other hand was very pretty and very well kept for a colonial building. This is a city you dedicate three hours to and then move on to the real jewel of the North…

Now, when you see the list of the 15 most beautiful cities in Mexico and your previous two experiences were not that impressive, the city of Zacatecas appears even more astounding. It is gorgeous – the architecture is done in a pink stone that makes the buildings stand out, the churches are very pretty. The Alameda park is beautiful and we had the fortune of watching a parade with “Charros” (Mexican cowboys) on horseback. Zacatecas has so many things to do, for example the Eden silver mines and the Bufa Mountain and with its cable car. Oh, and by the way: if you do look for the Statue of the Sad Indian, look up! 😉 Zacatecas is a place where you should definitely make a stop at!

In San Luis Potosi, we got a Korean style Airbnb for a change – really cool and unique! 🙂 The city consists of many colonial buildings in pink color and is very well kept -thats why it became a UNESCO world heritage in 2010. It does have its own personality and we were even able to look at a Mexican military base. Not as nice as Zacatecas (and not so much to do), but definitely one of the better cities in this part of Mexico.

The city of Queretaro is gorgeous, the colonial buildings are amazing, and the food is delicious. A UNESCO world heritage, the city center is definitely worth spending some time in order to explore. And I totally love the colorful Mexican dolls that are handmade and typical for that region. I would highly recommend going to Queretaro since it’s a city you will love and enjoy so much!

San Miguel is a beautiful little town. Being the cultural capital of Latin America for 2019, it has a lot to offer. As soon as I had arrived, I enjoyed walking the streets at night and watched a show at the cathedral. The next day, I chilled on the roof terraceof our beautiful boutique hotel Casa Oratorio with a gorgeous view and as soon as the sun was out, I went out and explored the town a little bit more. The city center is gorgeous, clean and very special. I really liked this town and had a wonderful time here!

My favorite city in Mexico! Guanajuato is known as one of the cultural centers in Mexico and that shows! At night, there are “Callejoneadas” – groups of people that walk around the city center singing and playing music instruments – a lot of fun in a very special atmosphere. The buildings are gorgeous and the food is really good! Oh, and don’t miss out on the view from one of the lookouts around when you’re here! Nevertheless, the most amazing part of it all is the Mummy Museum. It is very different and full of stories and personality – even includes the tiniest mummy on earth.

Later on, on the way back from Xilitla, we took a night bus, stopped by in Tequisquiapan – the geographical center of Mexico – and moved on to Bernal. Being the place with the 3rd largest monolith on earth, it is a nice tiny town with some cool buildings and a cool vibe! It is possible to hike the monolith up to a certain point but from there on, you need to climb. Amazing views!

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