The Pacific Coast: Puerto Vallarta & Sayulita

05. – 07.09.2019

Puerto Vallarta is a very nice city with a beautiful promenade along the beach. We stayed in Hostal Vallarta Suites which is definitely recommendable – economic prices, nice rooms, a great location in the center, and a healthy breakfast on the rooftop – what else would you want?! We explored the seafront, the island and the beach close by. For an amazing view of the sunset over the sea, you should go up to the Cross on the hill – spectacular!

Our next destination was Sayulita – widely known as THE hipster hotspot at the Pacific coast. Well, what can I say… It’s expensive, tiny, and full of tourists. We stayed at MBoutique Hotel and regretted it: the internet was not working, some lambs weren’t either and the organization was just low level. I really don’t recommend going here… Choose wisely and spend your days at a nicer place on the Pacific coast.

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