The Amazonas Jungle: Las Pampas

19. – 22. June 2019

The Wetlands

After a spectacular bus ride on the death road with stunning views, I arrived in Rurrenabaque early in the morning, took a quick sightseeing tour,  and went to the agency Fluvial Tours in order to being taken to Santa Rosa. There, we jumped on a small boat that went deep into the wetlands of Amazonia. On the way, we already saw many different birds, caymans, crocodiles, dolphins, and tapirs.

After a good night’s sleep in the jungle lodge and delicious meals, we went into the swamps to look for anacondas. Although the weather conditions were not the best (snakes are cold-blooded reptiles and come out when the sun is shining), we bumped into one after three hours walking in boots through mud and water. Later that day, after siesta, we went out to catch our delicious dinner – piranhas – before watching the sunset.

The next morning, we got up early in order to see the sun rise over the jungle and do some bird watching. After breakfast, we went swimming with the pink dolphins in the river before the boat took us back through the swamps where we said goodbye to all the animals and reptiles in the wild.

Having taken the bus in Rurrenabaque, I jumped out in Choroico in order to enjoy the views over the valley before heading back to La Paz and from there further on to Chochabamba.

Views in Choroico

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