High Altitudes at La Paz & the Mountain Huayna Potosi

13. – 18. June 2019

Having arrived in the world’s highest capital city with an altitude of 3.640 meter altitude, we checked in at Hostal Canoa in the city center not too far from the bus terminal. From there, we discovered the city the next day: the famous witch market with the lama fetuses, the main square, several churches, markets, and the cable car which took us high above to the market in El Alto.

The next morning, we left for the Huayna Potosi, a mountain of 6.088 meter altitude in the Cordillera Real surrounding La Paz. On the first day, we stayed at the Base Camp practicing ice climbing at a glacier. The next day, we went up to the High Camp at 5.270 meter altitude in order to start the last hard part to the summit at 1:30 am. Through snow and ice, we somehow made it up to the summit right in time for sunrise at 6:30 am. Thus, we were amongst the 20% of the people leaving the camp that actually made it to the top and didn’t turn around. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done! But the view from high up above the clouds was totally worth it although we didn’t feel quite well afterwards…

Well, that was a once in a lifetime experience after which I needed a day to recover in La Paz only visiting the Valley of the Moon in the afternoon with Cecile from France. The next morning, I took part in the highly recommended Red Caps Walking Tour (it’s not for freebecause that’s forbidden by law in Bolivia) during which I was told many facts about the country, the city, and the Bolivian culture that I had not known before. Right afterwards, I took the bus to Rurrenabaque in the Amazon region across the Death Road.

Valley of the Moon

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