The Rift Valley: The Beautiful Nature of Naivasha, Nakuru and Kisumu

24.02. – 02.03.2020

Overlooking the Rift Valley

When you go North from Nairobi, you end up in the Rift Valley which stretches from the Red Sea to Mozambique. I there lies Naivasha surrounded by beautiful landscapes and thousands of animals. At Crescent Island, we were able to stroll around freely just like all the zebras, giraffes, antilopes etc. – time for some animal selfies! 😉

After our encounter with these wild African mammels, Ash and I went on to Nakuru, where his best friend Kenny lives with his baby boy and works at a gorgeous wheat farm – right next to the rim of a former volcano crater. This was the place where I stayed for a couple of days in order to soak in the African farm life and relax for a bit – well, sprinkled with trips to some lakes and waterfalls in the surroundings.

My next – and last – destination in Kenya was Kisumu. Located directly at Lake Victoria, it is a fairly laid-back city. Other than strolling all the way to the lake, I met up with the project group from Germany again and we visited about 300 street kids in the city center bringing them tons of bread and liters of milk.

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