Cuernavaca, Tepoztlan & Taxco (and my first time on a horse)

22. – 27.08.2019

Cuernavaca, Asis’ home town and the capital of the state Morelos, is well known for its pleasant weather all year round and is usually called “The City of Eternal Spring”. Here we went to the Ex-Hacienda de Cortez – a restaurant and hotel created in what used to be Hernan Cortez’s plantation. The most amazing thing about the restaurant is that it has a tree as the ceiling! It was a different and very beautiful venue to have breakfast at. Afterwards, we went to the city center, took a stroll around, looked at some churches and museums, and the botanical garden.

Asis’ family has a lot to do with horses. Thus, he took me to a horse ranch nearby and showed me the basics of horseback riding. I’m so proud of myself! Although it was my first time on horseback, I managed not to fall and tell the horse where to go (even backwards 😉 ) I’m definitely a born cowgirl! 🙂

Tepoztlan is a tiny town near Cuernavaca. It has a some very nice, colorful streets and a ruin at the top of a mountain. The hike is fairly easy (at least for me – for many Mexicans that went up that day, it wasn’t…) and can be done in about 1 hour. I just would recommend not going on weekends since it is full of people and not as enjoyable.

Taxco is a Pueblo Magico about an hour away from Cuernavaca in the neighboring state of Guerrero. Known for its silver products, narrow streets, and steep hills, Taxco has a peculiar charm to it. Filled with VW Beetles, it gives you the impression that this tiny town is a bit out of time. It also has this really cool hotel at the top of a mountain that we visited by cable car. Truly a gorgeous place to be at with an amazing view!

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