San Cristóbal & its Surroundings

2. – 5. Aug 2019

Having arrived in San Cristóbal, I checked in at Wanderlust Hostel – it is a very nice, brand new and clean hostel but the employees are not the brightest and beware of the snorers! :-/ This town itself is definitely one of the nicest and coolest places in México! 🙂 It is full of colorful houses, Ford Beatles, and nice churches. Oh, and I was deeply introduced to all this culture and tradition when I went on a free walking tour with Marina who took us around town, gave us free samples of coffee, chocolate, and mezcal, and showed us how the traditional clothes are made for more than four hours.

Surrounding San Cristóbal, you can find some very special villages that are still full of cultural and religious traditions. In San Juan Chamula, the people are wearing clothes made out of sheep wool and they pray and sacrifice in a church without any bench or chair – just sitting on the floor on pine needles surrounded by a sea of candles. In Zinacantán, the inhabitants wear purple clothes that are full of flowers. When I was there, a lot of festivities were going on – in the church, on the streets, and in front of the town hall because the inhabitants were celebrating their patron saint.

And since the state of Chiapas is not only known for its lively culture and traditions but also for its stunning natural wonders, I visited the Sumidero Canyon the following day. At first, I went on a boat ride through the canyon, starring in awe at this majestic sight. After having taken a look at the pretty little village of Chiapa de Corzo, I was taken up to the viewpoints in order to see the canyon from there.

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