Discovering the State of Veracruz

9. – 11. Aug 2019

Having arrived in Tlacotalpan with a night bus, we strolled through this super cute and colorful little town before having breakfast in one of the nicest cafés ever here in México! Although this place is beautiful and full of colors, there is not too much to do there. Thus, we decided to go on to Veracruz the same day.

In Veracruz, we stayed in the Oyster Hostel and explored the city in the late afternoon / evening. To tell you the truth, there is nothing special about this harbor city. The only thing that caught our interest was a dance show at the main plaza…

Thus, we went on the next morning and arrived in Orizaba in the afternoon. Having discovered the city center, we stayed at Silmar Hotel in the outskirts and discovered the rest of this town the next day. What a beautiful place – and very playful and kids-friendly! We strolled along the river, checked out the dinosaur park, went to a lake, and paid a visit to the poliforum (this castle-like building contains several museums and exhibitions) before getting on a bus to Puebla.

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