El Oriente: Puerto Misahualli, Tena & Puyo

22. – 24. Apr 2019

Welcome to the Jungle

My next stop was Tena in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, also called “El Oriente”. I got there with the night bus and after having dropped my bags at hostel Zumag Sisa (strongly recommended: lovely owner, cool area to hang out at, clean beds), I went to Puerto Misahualli in order to walk right into the jungle. At the lagoon, I met two Ecuadorians who took me on a cruise with the canoe during which we saw many different kinds of birds, monkeys, and goannas. Afterwards, we went on a tour to the community Shiripuni and into the jungle to a giant tree with explanations of the plants and birds. What a great day!

The next morning, I went with a fellow German traveler by bus into the lush green surroundings of Tena. First, we went to the waterfall Las Latas where we took a swim in the clear, refreshing water after the hike. At noon, we went to Laguna Azul to have lunch and bath in all four of the basins. Another nice day in the jungle. 🙂

At night and in the morning, it was raining pretty hard and I decided to drive on to Puyo where I stayed in the bus because of the heavy rainfall…

Heavy Rainfall in the Green Paradise

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