Lovely Ibarra & its Surroundings

16. – 21. Apr 2019

Having been done with all border crossing formalities (It took us about 2 hours because there were many Venezuelan refugees trying to reach the other side), we discovered a stunning sight: the cemetery of Tulcan. Everywhere, the bushes had been cut like characters and animals. An amazing view! One would not have thought that this is a cemetery…

Having said goodbye and farewell to Anika, my next stop was Ibarra where I stayed with a local family thanks to my friend Melanie who had been living here many years ago and connected me with her friends from back then. This was just the loveliest family in whole Ecuador! They showed me around, had me taste all kinds of traditional food, and were just the nicest people. Thank you so much for your hospitality – BESOS! :-*

Amilkar, another friend of Melanie, showed me the villages around Ibarra. We first went to Mira, had lunch, and then went on to Magdalena after having taken a look at the regional market. But this one was nothing compared to the Saturday market in Otavalo. At night, we went out with Ismael and Diego, two other friends, whom I also attended an Ecuadorian ceremony with the following weekend.

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