Zona Cafeterra: Salento & Valle del Cocora

19. – 20. Mar 2019

The first couple of hours in Salento were spent in the hammock at Ecohostel Las Camelias before I was granted access to my luxurious one-man tent featuring bed, chair, and even electricity. After the pouring rain had finally stopped, I met up with Luke from France in order to go on a coffee tour at one of the farms. The guide was very funny and smart, making it an interesting afternoon (I even got sweet Panela tea instead of coffee) before falling asleep pretty early in my comfy tent…

The next day, it was time to discover the Cocora Valley with the world’s highest palm trees (up to 60m). Having crossed many suspension bridges while making our way through the jungle, Luke and I met four German guys at the hummingbird hut with whom we continued the hike to the palm grove. A breathtaking sight!

That night, I took the last bus to Pereira in order to catch the night bus to Medellin.

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